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Age: 22 Year Old Breast Size Before: 34B
Height: 5’4″ Breast Size After: 34C
Weight: 125lb Breast Width: 12
Silicone implant: 15-304cc
recently lost weight resulting in decrease of breast size.
Age: 25 Year Old Breast Size Before: A
Height: 62″ Breast Size After: C
Weight: 118lb Breast Width: 11cm
Silicone implant: 20-325cc
post child birth, loss of fullness
Age: 26 Year Old Breast Size Before: 34B
Height: 5’5″ Breast Size After: 34C
Weight: 130lb Breast Width: 13.5cm
Silicone implant: 20-550cc
Age: 33 Year Old Saline Implants: 68HP 650cc filled to 700cc
Height: 5’5″ Breast Size Before: B
Weight: 183lb Breast Size After: DD
Tuberous breast, patient decided to go with a big implant to try and avoid a breast lift
Height: 5’7″ Saline Implants: 280cc Filled to 300cc
Weight: 113lb Breast Size Before: B
Breast Width: 11cm Breast Size After: D
Age: 56 Year Old Silicone implant: 20-400cc
Weight Lost: 80lb Breast Size Before: A
Breast Width: 12 Breast Size After: C
Age: 34 Year Old 410 Gummy Bear: FF410-475cc
Weight Lost: 100lb Breast Size Before: A
Breast Width: 13.5 Breast Size After: Full C
Post bariatric surgery previous breast reduction, concerned with lose skin of breast and loss of fullness. Breast Augmentation performed, IMF incision.

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