Breast Reduction

There are several reasons for women to desire breast reduction:

  1. Enhance the contour and size of the breasts in a woman who feels she is not proportional or desires a certain appearance in clothing
  2. Correction of asymmetry
  3. Back or neck pain
  4. Shoulder grooves from bra straps

During your initial consultation we will discuss with you the reason for breast reduction, family history of breast issues, and the breast size you desire. Breast reduction surgery is designed to decrease the size of the breast and move the nipple to a higher, more youthful position. There are 2 basic scar patterns with breast reduction surgery. The Vertical Reduction can be described as a “lollipop” with the scars in the periareolar and vertical inferior breast areas. The scar of the Wise Pattern Reduction looks like an “anchor”. In addition to the periareolar and vertical scars, a scar of variable length is place in the inframammary fold.

It is very common for women to have some asymmetry of the breasts. After breast reduction some asymmetry may still exist.

Breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure. A post operative bra will be placed and you can shower on post operative day 1. Prescriptions for pain control will be provided. A patient can usually return to work after a week depending on your occupation. A full exercise program can be resumed 6 weeks after surgery. Follow up is performed one week, one month and 3 months after surgery.

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