Eyelid Surgery

Surgery of the upper and lower eye lids may be the answer for the tired or aged appearing eye. In both men and women the area around the eyes is one of the earliest concerns expressed due to aging. Commonly, excision of skin is used to improve the appearance of the saggy upper eyelid. This may be performed in conjunction with a brow lift. Complaints concerning the lower eyelid include bulging, excess skin, or hollowed out appearance. Treatment of the lower eyelid may consist of removal of skin, removal or redraping of the fatty tissues, and tightening of the lower lid. Additional procedures like fat or dermal filler injection, botox, or mid face lift may also be considered.

Eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. After the operation it is recommended that you sleep with your head elevated and use an ice pack or bag of frozen peas intermittently during the first couple of days. Prescriptions for eye drops and pain medications will be provided. A patient can usually return to work after a week with minimal swelling and bruising. Follow up is within 1 week, one month, then three months after surgery.

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