Also referred to as liposculpture, this procedure is used to address areas where fat deposits create an unwanted appearance. You may have distinct areas or a general area where you are unhappy with the contour. These concerns may affect the type of clothing you wear, intimacy, or self esteem. For women common areas are the flanks under the bra straps, lower abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, lower back and occasionally the inner knee and ankle. Men often desire correction of the chest, lower abdomen, and flanks. Both men and women may benefit from a large volume liposuction of the abdomen.

Liposuction is performed by making small incisions in preexisting creases or well hidden areas. A wetting or tumescent solution is injected into the fatty areas. This solution contains a local anesthetic and epinephrine which dramatically decreases the blood loss. A suction canula then removes the fat from the desired area.

Liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure. Small distinct areas may be performed with only the local anesthetic. Large or very sensitive areas are best performed with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. A post operative garment will be placed and used for one month after surgery. The first 24 hours after surgery you will have fluid leaking from the incisions. Tylenol or motrin can be used for post operative pain. You can shower the day after surgery and return to work within a week. Follow up is within 1 week, one month, and then at three months after surgery.

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