Post Bariatric Surgery

The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is an important step toward improving health and quality of life. If you have undergone bariatric surgery with massive weight loss you may experience the frequent consequence of excess skin. Plastic surgery can provide a safe option for the removal of the excess skin. Common areas of concern for both men and women are the face, neck, abdomen, and buttocks. Women may also have sagging breasts with loss of size and excess skin of the bra strap areas and legs. During the initial consultation we will discuss your concerns and establish a plan designed for you. The risk of complications is higher in the massive weight loss patient compared to those who have not undergone bariatric surgery. This will be taken into consideration when planning the surgery and post operative recovery.

Prior to undergoing plastic surgery the ideal candidate should be in good health, nonsmoker, recent laboratory workup which shows normal nutritional status and stable weight. You should discuss the desire to undergo plastic surgery with your bariatric surgeon. The operative and postoperative plan depends on what procedures are performed. Multiple surgical dates may be needed to optimize results and decrease potential complications.

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