Redo Breast Surgery

If you have concerns about the size, shape or feel of your breasts after breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction you should first approach the initial surgeon. You may find that they care about your concerns and willing to work with you to address them. Should this not be possible then we can discuss your concerns and after a thorough exam design a course of treatment specific for you. An important aspect of secondary breast surgery is knowing what was done during the initial surgery. Bringing your previous operation reports to the initial consultation will improve the decision making process.

There are many reasons to desire correction of the post operated breasts. With breast augmentation you could experience implant malposition, hardening of the breasts, and visible or palpable implants. Concerns after breast lift or reduction may include size, scarring, and nipple position. Together we will plan a surgery to address your concerns.

Redo breast surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. A post operative bra will be placed and you can shower on post operative day 1. Prescriptions for pain control will be provided. If implants are used then antibiotics will be needed after surgery. A patient can usually return to work after a week depending on your occupation. A full exercise program can be resumed 6 weeks after surgery. Follow up is performed one week, one month and 3 months after surgery.

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